How To Cook Like an Indian – Two Local Dishes That You Can Try

Cook these simple dishes and you will definitely feel like a great Indian chef!

Tandoori mumbai

Tandoori Chicken

9 Steps To Choose A Good Caterer

Are you soon planning a corporate event, a family gathering, a wedding, or even a birthday party? One option you must be thinking of is whether to hire a caterer to provide food for your event. Anything from a mobile pizza catering company to having your own private gourmet chef may have crossed your mind. But how do you ensure you are making the right choice in picking your desired caterer? The following 9 steps should act as a guideline to help avoid picking the wrong caterer for your event.

hire a caterer

Simple Midweek Suppers: Spicy Asian Salmon And Chilli Meatballs

Spicy Asian Salmon Parcels

The salmon, baked in foil, steams in its juices. Trout fillets work well in this dish too.


Serves: 2