Chicken Cafrial

Chicken Cafrial is a delicious chicken recipe, very tasty let us see how to prepare this Chicken Cafrial.
Components: – four medium-sized pieces of chicken, four green chilies, four garlic clove, one cup newly cut coriander leaves, one cardamom, two cloves, one inches cinnamon, one inches ginger, one small red onion, one teaspoon cumin seeds, one teaspoon pepper corns, one tablespoon Soya bean sauce, one tablespoon oil as well as salt according to taste.

Preparing Time Period: – 25 to 30 minutes

The Way To Cook: — Go ahead and take the chicken and create slits from almost all sides. Place it inside a big pan and put the Soya sauce as well as salt. Mix things up and allow it to marinate for 2 hours. Slice the red onion as well as green chilies and place within a mixer. Right now put the garlic clove, coriander leaves, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cumin seeds, pepper corns and mix this until this will become a superb paste. At this point have a frying pan and put the oil and bring in to heat up. Once the oil is good as well as warm add the paste and sauté. Simmer as well as sauté until the uncooked odor of the paste departs. And after about 3 minutes a good fragrance will start to grow. Right now add the chicken pieces as well as salt. Put a small amount of water and blend it nicely. After that cover the pan along with a lid, simmer as well as cook for around twenty minutes. After that take away from fire and serve this Chicken Cafrial chicken recipe along with rice.

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