Healthy Methods for Cooking Chicken

Chicken is a healthy source of protein, generally much healthier than other meats. There are many healthy methods for cooking chicken. The great thing is their are literally thousands of chicken recipes, and you can roast, boil, grill or poach it. Just a small four ounce portion of chicken contains almost 70 percent of the protein needed in a day. It usually has much lower amounts of fat than red meat alternatives. Here are five tips on how to make chicken even healthier.


Get Rid of the Skin

If you keep the skin on the chicken the amount of fat and saturated fat is doubled. For that reason, you certainly should remove the skin from the chicken before cooking it in any matter. Not only that, the skin does not add much flavor to the chicken. Also when you cook with chicken skin, it holds in all of the fats as the skin covers the chicken. The chicken skin is also loaded with sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure among other things.

Emphasize the Breast

The chicken breast is the healthiest part of the chicken, containing the lowest amounts of fat. If you have the option to choose the type of meat, go for the breast. Boneless skinless chicken breast can be found in abundance and on sale often. This is a great healthy protein for any meal.

Stir Fry

Stir frying chicken is a great way to make it healthy, especially when olive oil is used. Simply get a large enough wok or skillet, cut the chicken and vegetables to the same size, and ensure everything gets in contact with the hot surface. The reason you want to cut the vegetables and chicken into the same size is so they cook evenly. A great way to add a lot of vegetables in your meal. Ideally it should be 2/3’s vegetables and the rest chicken.


You can braise the chicken by pan-searing and simmering it in liquid, which will give you a great flavor. Not only that, but it requires very little amounts of oil, and the flavor and healthy benefits are locked it. An easy and quick way to get a good tasting meal.


Grilling chicken can be fun all year round, especially during summer barbecues. You can literally see the fat melt off and go down the grill, this is a fun and healthy way to get a great flavor out of the chicken. A great alternative to baking the chicken, because when you bake chicken it sits in the fat.

Cooking chicken should not be so difficult, it is an easy meat to center a meal around. Make sure to buy good, healthy meat, and to choose the breast if you want optimum health and flavor. Not only that, to get the true benefits of chicken, it is very important to remove the skin, which contains a lot of fat. Chicken is a great meat because it goes with just about anything and is certainly a great alternative to red meats.

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