5 Steak Toppers For The Perfect Steak

A steak that is cooked just as you like it is perfect on its own. However, you can add a few toppings to that steak to make the most out of this culinary experience.

steak toppers


True culinary purists will swear by the fact that there is something mystical about cheese; it doesn’t matter what you add cheese to, it always significantly improves the flavour of the dish. The same is true when it comes to topping off a steak with cheese. However, you should be prudent with regards to which cheese you decide to go with; cheddar may be great for nachos, but is hardly befitting for a great piece of medium-rare steak. The best kinds of cheese for a steak are ones that crumble easily. Crumbled feta has proven itself, time and again, to be a fabulous steak topper. More recently, culinary enthusiasts have also enjoyed adding blue cheese to go along with their steak. If feta and blue cheese is not your cup of tea, gorgonzola is also a deliciously viable option.

Fried Egg

Admittedly, a fried egg isn’t exactly the first thing that jumps to your mind when you think of steak toppers. However, it does not mean that it isn’t very delicious. The variation in texture and flavour of a steak and a fried egg may be great, but the somehow work perfectly when put together. Just like your steak, you can have the fried egg any way you want. However, it is indeed preferable to have a fried egg that is cooked ‘sunny side up’, i.e. only the egg white is set and the yolk is still liquid. If you aren’t in the mood for a fried egg, try a poached egg instead.

Guacamole / Salsa

Looking to add a slight ethnic touch to a well-cooked steak? Then guacamole or salsa is perfect for your requirements. While store-bought bottled guacamole and salsa is fine as a dip for nachos and tortillas, they don’t really cut it as a topping for a well-grilled flank. Any guacamole or salsa you add as a steak topper should be freshly prepared; it may seem like too much of a bother, but most people stop usually stop complaining after they have tasted the results.


If you thought that butter was only good enough as a topping for toast or popcorn, then you’d be mighty wrong. Butter can do wonders for the flavour of a steak. Depending upon how much of a flavour enhancement you seek, you can opt for either salted or unsalted butter. Truffle butter in particular goes very well with rib-eye steak; simple spread a thin layer of truffle butter on a steak that is fresh off the grill and drizzle a little truffle oil. You can also top your steak with mushrooms sautéed in butter.


There is a saying amongst culinary enthusiasts that “bacon makes the world go round.” If it can make the world go round, then bacon certainly should be good enough to be a steak topping. Combining two different kinds of meat to achieve flavoursome harmony is not a new practice and the combination of beef and pork is perhaps trounced only by the legendary surf-and-turf. Throw some crispy bacon on top of your steak and forget the rest of the world as you bite into a piece of culinary heaven.

Although every one of the five toppings mentioned here are great on their own, do not hesitate to mix-and-match them to suit your palate. Thinking of combining crispy bacon with some butter-sautéed mushrooms? Go right ahead; you might never want to eat a steak in any other way ever again.

Luke Casey is a social worker who volunteers in war-torn countries 8 months each year. He lives alone and prefers easy 30 minute recipes he can quickly whip up in his apartment.

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