Can Japanese Spider Crab Be Used As Food

God has created a number of creatures. Some of them live on the surface of earth and similarly a large variety of them live in deep water of sea. Tiny fishes and huge arthropods use to live in deep sea water. Similarly, you can find crabs in deep sea water. Now these crabs are classified in different categories according to their size, shape and utility. There are some smaller sized crabs which can be used as food. They are just tasty besides being nutritious food agent. However, this article of mine is about Japanese Spider Crab. Hence this article will provide sufficient information about this amazing king crab and its living environment.

We can also name the Japanese Spider Crab as King Crab. The reason behind this name is its huge size. Its species name is Macrocheria Kaempferi. Due to long and bigger legs, the total size of a Japanese Spider Crab can range from 10 to 12 feet. Round body of the spider is situated in the middle of long legs. Basically the overall size of the crab is dependent of length of their legs. These long legs of the spider crab makes it look bigger in size. If size of legs is excluded, the spider crab would not be so big in size. There are white spots on the legs of spider crab with a orange round body in the middle of legs. Basically, spider crab is a bit slow in its movements..

As evident from its name, Biggest Spider Crab is found in the sea area around Japan. Southern coasts of the Japanese Island are thought to be paradise for these amazing arthropods. You can find them about 500 feet deep in sea water. They feed themselves on what they find in the bottom of the sea. Dead fishes lying in the bottom area could be main portion of their food. However, if they found any dead human being in the bottom area of sea, they can also use it as their food. However, spider crabs are not dangerous to human beings.

Spring season is also favorite for Japanese Spider Crab just like a lot of other creatures in the universe. Actually, they come close to their opposite sex partners and mate in order to increase their family member on the universe. As a result of their sexual interaction, female spider lays eggs. This process is quite according to natural laws. Some people also use these huge arthropods as their food. Fleshy meat of Japanese Spider Crab are liked by them. Specially, salad dishes of crabs are very much liked these days.

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