Commercial Meat Slicers For Better Workforce Efficiency

There are various ways to own a hotel or restaurant. One way to do it is through corporate acquisition or business partnerships. However, most of the time, this type of business is family-owned or controlled by an individual. Just like any other business, the challenge is to establish a cost-efficient operation. The first step is hiring the right people but at the same time business owners must consider investing in time-saving tools that does not only increase the efficiency of the workers but also helps in the delivery of high-quality outputs. The common denominator of hotels and restaurants is the kitchen; businessmen must therefore focus on this aspect of the business operation.

Meat Slicers

It is therefore important to learn the basic staffing skills. In the case of high end restaurants and hotels, operators must be aware that the kitchen workforce includes chefs, waiters, head waiters, table busing staff, bartenders, other kitchen staff, cashier, and coatroom personnel. In large restaurants the hiring process could be complicated because of the need to hire reception clerks, door and bell personnel, security personnel, parking attendants, and other restaurant workers.

With regards to food preparation chefs and cooks must be well trained. They are supposed to prepare food for cooking and at the same time responsible for keeping an inventory of the stock. The top chef is the de facto leader of the group and he is responsible to maintain kitchen safety and cleanliness at all times. Effective kitchen management reduces the probability of accidents such as burns from deep fryers, sprains and fractures due to slippage and cuts from knives.

In order to increase efficiency and ensure safety, restaurant and hotel operators must invest in proper equipment and this includes machines, cutting equipment and knives. High level activity coupled with the pressure to deliver five-star quality service could lead to increased risk of accidents. One way to avoid problems is to purchase a dependable meat slicer.

A slicer is an example of a labor-saving equipment. A commercial type can help workers save hours of labor on a daily basis. It is not hard to imagine the efficiency that a slicer brings to the business operation because this particular equipment could be calibrated to use as a cutting equipment for meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Although a fruit, vegetable, or meat slicer increases the efficiency of the workforce, it must be pointed out that it is one of the most dangerous equipment on the kitchen floor. Look for one that has a mechanical machine guards More importantly this safety feature must always be in place when cooks use the said device. In addition, caution must be exercised whenever cleaning the said equipment. Finally, when restaurant workers are ready to end a busy working day, they must return the mechanical cutter to the zero position and unplugged it from the outlet.

Look for a reliable brand, one that is powered with a 1/3 HP motor but only requires 250 watts of electricity to operate. Consider investing in a slicer that has removable meat carriage, protective blade cover, and automatic shut-off for safety purposes.

Artilce written by Thomas Carroll.

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