Discover How To Prepare The Finest 3 Ground Beef Recipes

You can come across thousands of ground beef recipes on internet. Still you will feel that nothing cant bypass the taste magic created by ground beef potato pie and the ground beef chili recipe. The great thing is that you can whip out these two ground beef recipes within no time if and only if you have all the ingredients ready.

Let’s see how to cook the ground beef chili recipe. You can snap this recipe in merely half an hour if you have ingredients such as: three pounds of ground beef, two cups of water, two ribs of celery, two cans of beans, two tablespoons of Worcestershire, one can of tomato paste, one jar of fresh salsa, tomatoes that have been diced, one big onion, one green pepper, one can of broth (beef kind), one fourth cup of powdered chili, one tablespoon of grounded basil, two teaspoons of cumin, two teaspoons of sauce for steaks, one teaspoon of powdered garlic, one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of powdered pepper, onions that have been chopped and cheese.

Fry the green pepper, onion and celery along with the beef in a big pot until the celery softens and it the beef becomes brown. Wipe out the excess oil from the pan.. Add beans to it. Ensure that you are not adding the onions and cheddar to this mixture. Now poach all the ingredients and let it simmer for another half an hour without covering the pot. Ensure that ground beef chilly has turned pretty thick. Serve it in bowl after topping with some onions and cheddar.

Now let’s see how we can go about cooking a ground beef potato pie recipe. This recipe was selected for the third position in a cooking contest organized in Florida. The ingredients include two cups of bread crumbs, three cups of onions that has been chopped, one half pound of cheese, one teaspoon of pepper, two tablespoons of oil, one and a half pounds of ground beef,two big eggs, one teaspoon of salt, four cups of potatoes that has been shredded, and one tomato for the garnishing.

Preheat your oven at three 350 degree Fahrenheit. Prepare the mixture of pepper, onions, salt, beef and bread crumbs and add this to the oven. Bake this mixture for about 15 minutes. Sear the potatoes and onions for about eight minutes and go on stirring them. Ensure that they dont stick together. Now add the fried onions to this beef mixture. Add the remanent cheese and baked beef to this mixture. Bake this mixture for about twenty five minutes till it becomes brown in color.

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