Learning to Cook Curry at Cooking Schools in London

It’s an oft-quoted fact that chicken tikka masala is Britain’s most popular dish. This truth does much to demonstrate our fascination with South Asian food, as does the reality that Indian restaurants have long been a common sight in even the smallest of towns. These foods should not, however, be viewed exclusively as ubiquitous unhealthy takeaway fare, reserved for lazy and gluttonous weekend nights after a trip to the pub. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good carry-out madras as much as the next man – but authentic curries can be healthy as well as delicious, and a well-crafted dish is a pleasure both to prepare and eat.


Curry Courses at Cooking Schools in London

The term “curry” encompasses a huge range of dishes, each with their own fickle formula of herbs and spices. Chicken, lamb, beef or fish? Something light and dry, or luxuriously heavy and smothered in an indulgent sauce? A mild tickler of the tongue, a veritable heat bomb, or something in between? With such a variety of delicious fare, keen curry chefs are hard-pressed to decipher the deeper secrets of the food. Fortunately, there are plenty of cooking schools in London on hand to help spice fanatics craft a spectacular platter. The wide choice available means that enthusiastic students are able to opt for anything from a half-hour lunch break lesson offering a crash course in basic currying to a lengthy, two-hour affair involving multiple delectable courses. Whatever your lifestyle allows for, and whether you prefer the mild, buttery flavours of a korma or the piquant aroma of a jalfrezi, you’re sure to find cooking schools in London to suit you.

What You Can Expect at Cooking Classes

Good cooking schools in London will offer a complete experience from start to finish. When you arrive, you can expect to mingle with your new like-minded classmates, before being introduced to your teacher. The chef leading the class will be an experienced professional, able to guide you every step of the way and offer personalised tips throughout, ensuring that your concoction is as perfect as possible. You’ll be getting involved and crafting your own dish with their assistance, so expect to get your hands dirty! All ingredients will be provided for you, and, of course, you’ll be given the opportunity to sit down once the class has concluded in order to enjoy your delicious creation alongside your fellow curry chefs.

No More Takeaway!

Hopefully, a curry making class will arm you with the knowledge necessary to reduce your reliance on carry-out Indian food – saving your wallet as well as your belly! With the variety of good cooking schools in London that are on offer, you’ll certainly find one that’s appropriate for you.

Michael Doherty is a blogger with a passion for food. After a spell as the head chef of an acclaimed gastropub, he has settled into life as a full-time writer.

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