New York’s Indian Food

New York City has long been known as the world’s restaurant capital and not without reason! Indian restaurants have been steadily making their way to the top and have come a long way from when they started their migration back in the 1970s both commercially and in terms of popularity locally. Earlier on, the city saw more of Punjabi and Gujarati dishes and restaurants; however more recent times have spotted an increasing number of South Indian restaurants from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.


Let’s have a look at what NYC has to presently offer to satiate your masala cravings!

Spicy Big Apple

Lonely Planet rates NYC’s top restaurants for all of you looking for some good food sites.

Topping the list is the restaurant Dawat, well-known for its spinach bhajia and fish curry. All Indian dishes get a fancy make-over at Dawaat and the taste will definitely leave you begging for more. Your first visit to Dawat will definitely not be your last one!

  • Jackson’s Diner, at the second spot, offers unlimited buffet for the cost of $10 on weekdays and $11 during weekends. When you enter Jackson’s Diner make sure you have room to take in all of your favourite chicken, vegetarian, goat curry! Make the most of your buffet experience.
  • Next off is Curry in a Hurry, which may not be that posh but is still definitely worth a visit. Even celebs have been spotted here from time to time; last time it was U2’s Bono!
  • Ranking fourth in the list is Bhatti which undoubtedly is one of the best with its scrumptious kebabs and irresistible north-Indian dishes. Bhatti’s must-have dish is grilled mushroom or the bharwaan mushrooms filled with yoghurt, creamy goodness!

Some other eating stops that you may prefer to pay a visit to:

Fancy Food

If you’re on the look-out for some up-scale gourmet Indian food and are tired of the typical chicken tikka masala recipe, Junoon could be your next stop.

Jalebis & Vadas

For the sweet tooth in you that has been wanting to get hands on some yummy jalebis, Raj Bhog could take you straight to heaven. Raj Bhog is right at the heart of the Indian food scene at New York. For that crisp vada for your evening snack, Dosa Hutt will prove to be the best.

Breakfast Dosa

NYC has Indian restaurants and spices in abundance and it comes as no surprise that Murray Hill, located on Lexington Avenue has been named Curry Hill due to its numerous spice shops and Indian restaurants, 27 precisely. One interesting restaurant on Curry Hill is Saravana Bhavan, with its vegetarian south Indian delicacies. This will definitely be your best breakfast dosa destination without question!

The Actual Numbers

The number of Indian restaurants never remains constant, with many coming and going from time to time. The NYC Health Department gives us a few facts about Indian restaurants in the Big Apple. Totally, there are 294 India restaurants in New York City; with 141 in Manhattan, 100 in Queens, 41 in Brooklyn, 7 in Staten Island, and 5 in Bronx.

Bring Out the Chef in You!

A senior food researcher was recently quoted to have said, ‘‘The popularity of ethnic Indian food is rising not just among expatriate Indians but also among mainstream populations in Europe and the United States.” The US, especially New York sure does present a multitude of options when it comes to fine dining the Indian way. Now is the time as great as any for making your break into the food industry in NYC.

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