Top Five Minute Meals

Cooking is something that can be highly rewarding and that’s a lot more healthy and a lot cheaper than buying things ready-made. Those are all the plus sides anyway, and that’s what you always read, which could lead you to wonder why, if this is true, so few people actually do cook on a regular basis?

Well there is one obvious reason and that’s that cooking takes too long – and when most of us come home after a long day at work feeling tired and stressed, often we simply don’t have time or the requisite energy to start cooking which can sometimes take hours.

This is a real shame and of course it doesn’t bode well for our overall health, but it needn’t be the case. In fact if you know the right recipes there are plenty of meals you can make in no time at all that will still be healthy, fun and tasty. Here are five examples to get you started…


Spaghetti carbonara

To make carbonara all you need to do is to put a boiled egg and some grated cheese on some pasta with onion and bacon. Makny people think that carbonara requires cream and lots of other ingredients, but this is actually the less official version and isn’t as healthy anyway. Simply fry some bacon and onion for a while, then mix them in with some pasta and crack a single raw egg (feeds two) onto the top, stir and add grated cheese.

Tuna Pasta Salad

Tuna salad sandwich

The only thing that takes any time with the carbonara is the bacon. Well the good news is that with tuna pasta salad you are using tuna as your meat. Boil some pasta with onion in the pan to save time, then when it’s done add the tuna and mix in some mayonnaise. Grated cheese is optional.

Tomato Pasta

Tomato Pasta

Even quicker and even easier is simply to put chopped tomato from a tin onto pasta. It’s a bit bland though so again you can add grated cheese and if you wish: onion, red pepper and any other fruits and vegetables that you want.

Beans on Jacket Potato

Full Chilli Jacket

This is a fantastic fall back meal that requires no time or effort but is actually rather good for you (beans are packed with minerals but also rich in protein). All you need to do is to make a jacket potato (which you can do in the microwave for real speed) and then warm up your beans and put them on top. If this is a bit plain for you then you can improve the meal no end with some Lee and Perrins.



If you have a blender then soup is incredibly quick to make. Take any vegetables lying around the house and don’t even worry about peeling them (choose ones of course that will go well together) and put then in your blender with plenty of water. Now just heat your soup in a pan and add any seasoning as you wish such as stock cubes, salt and pepper and Maggi.

Max Cavan is a dedicated home cook, learning as he goes and through his site hoping to pass on to others what he learns. You can get cheap food recipes magazines here:

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