What Will You Cook Next

I love to cook and I’m told I’m pretty good at it, I’ve never poisoned myself or anybody else yet! I’m always willing to try new taste experiences so I like to view cookery shows on TV to get some hints and tips. I wouldn’t always cook it myself right away but hunt some recipes down online or in some cookery books so I can get to know about the dish before I get stuck in.

I buy a couple of food magazines too, the ones I continue to buy are the ones that test their recipes a couple of times before they publish them. In the past I’ve tried to make things like ice cream from a recipe I got out of a magazine, I’m positive I followed the recipe correctly but I ended up with something like vanilla scrambled egg in milk. Even the dog turned his nose up at it.

If there’s something I’ve seen cooked that I like the look of I sometimes like to try it out from a takeaway. It’s a great method of finding out what a dish is meant to taste like and once you’ve tried it then you can put your own taste on it if there is anything you don’t like about it. Having Chinese or Indian takeaway food from the local shop means you have the opportunity to taste the exotic flavours of the east without moving further than your phone. When they started it used to be a commonly held view that most takeaways would offer a few different types of meat in a couple of pre-prepared sauces which were kept hot all night and the main ingredients were salt and sugar. Today, now that diners’ tastes are more refined takeaways are trying to compete with their dine in competitors for both quality and flavour. When I lived in Nottingham takeaway food was something I loved, the food was really good when I never had time to get to the supermarket to buy food. Rather than get bored of eating the same thing every few days I made sure I ordered a different thing each time and from a selection of the Indian and Chinese takeaway Nottingham had to offer.

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