A family recipe for a lighter version of the classic Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a very fattening meal, but this variation can help keep it a favourite, by reducing the grease.

Portion for 4 people


4 fillets of skinless cod or other white fish

4 lots of sliced bread, or ready-bought breadcrumbs

4 tablespoons of parsley

Salt and pepper

1 small cup of flour, in a bowl

3 eggs beaten, in a bowl

Lemon slices

Take the bread slices and mix in a food processor until fully blended; chop up crumbs evenly, then put in a separate bowl. Otherwise, put the ready-chopped breadcrumbs into a bowl.

Mix the parsley into the breadcrumbs, and add salt and pepper for seasoning.

Place the fillet of fish meat on a bed of flour, then into the egg, and roll over the breadcrumbs until the whole fillet is covered.

Set your oven to 210°C, and put your fillets of fish into a baking dish and bake for about fifteen – twenty minutes.

Can be served with peas, potato chips & lemon wedges.

Family meals will never taste so good!


History of Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a household name, whereby people would vacate a specific day to make sure they enjoy the dish. Often served on grease paper as it is deep-fried – people nowadays want to see it on a plate, and have the same level of fulfillment as they would get from the local fish and chip shop.

Originating from the UK in the mid 19th century, the fish used is most typically haddock or plaice, coated in batter or breadcrumbs. It is most commonly served with peas and oven chips.

British fish and chips are typically served piping hot, with a good pinch of salt and a generous splash of vinegar, and wrapped in newspaper. They are enjoyed the best when eaten outdoors, but definitely the best on a cold winter’s day.!

London and Lancashire (in the north of England) both claim to be the first to come up with this tasty dish and during the Second World War, fish and chips were one of a few foods not to be rationed, meaning that they were an important staple in the family diet during this time. The queues stretched many streets. Even after so many years, the demand for fish & chips is still high, especially on a friday night! Fish and chips has almost become the British delicacy of the 21st century, with so many people trying to adapt the chip-shop favourite to a home-made trademark.

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