How To Make a Tarp For Your Trailer

If you’ve got a trailer then you’ll realize just how important it is to have a well fitted tarp to travel over it. Covering a trailer using a tarp makes all sorts of sense, not only does it prevent whatever is being transported from being exposed to the elements but it also keeps it relatively safe and secure.


Although there are many companies around which will gladly allow you to a tarp which is customised to fit your trailer there are ways to get the job done yourself.

A tarp is really nothing more than a water proof cover which can be fastened securely across the trailer so that the contents don’t get blown away, don’t get wet, don’t fall out and don’t get stolen while you are sitting at the lights.

So what do you need to make a trailer tarp of your personal?

Well, all you actually need is a heavy-duty tarp, some metal grommets, a grommet tool plus a length of cord. You will also must make sure that your trailer is fitted with attachment hooks but the majority of trailers are manufactured with those in place so that they are offered when needed.

One thing you have to do is to measure your trailer to make certain that you make a tarp of the correct size. You will need a small amount of overhang around the tarp for added strength and security but if the tarp is too big it will not be easy to fasten securely to the sides in the trailer.


Measure the top of the trailer and let around 3 inches overhang on both sides (which means 6 inches as a whole for each dimension). This should allow plenty of time for your strengthening edge and for fastening it across the top of the trailer securely.

You need to manufacture your trailer tarp from heavy duty materials in order for it to have the necessary strength and weather resistance to protect your cargo. Cut the information to size and stitch throughout the edges using an industrial sewing machine. Should you stitch a hem it is going to give added strength for the fastening mechanisms on your tarp.


Then you need to choose upon the amount and placing of the grommets you will use to secure your tarp. Some smaller tarps may need a grommet placed on each corner whereas larger tarps will need them strategically placed around the perimeter of the tarp.

Using high quality grommets and following the instructions of your grommet tool proceed to place them within the appropriate positions of the tarp. Although it may seem tricky in the beginning you will get much better at it as you work your way across the tarp and finish fitting all the grommets into position.

You will have to have a durable cord to thread from the grommets to install the tarp to the top of your own trailer. Alternatively you may find that attaching a variety of elastic straps or bungees around the trailer will hold the tarp firmly into position as required.

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Having a waterproof cover to shield the cargo of your trailer will make it much more functional. You will be able to maneuver things in all weathers without worrying on them getting wet or damaged by the weather or debris.

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