Discover Curry Paste

The introduction of Curry pastes to the supermarket shelves is a great boon for curry lovers. They cut the work out of preparing your own curry, with all that tiresome chopping and blending. But aren’t they just another form of ‘fast food’, offering a lazy short-cut for those who can’t be bothered to invest their time into cooking? Here we look at the pros and cons of curry pastes, and how you can make your own to give you the best of both worlds.

Curry in a Jar?

Three Healthy Meals And How To Ruin Them

When it comes to food, it’s not that hard to have a balanced, sensible diet. There are at least half a dozen different types of fruit and vegetable and all sorts of things like pasta and cous cous that can bulk out a meal without making it too unhealthy. Even if you’re a devout carnivore, grilled meats served in sensible portions can be a great part of a healthy meal.

Life is Sweet | An Introduction to South Asian Confectionary

Indian and South Asian confectionery has a distinctive taste all of its own. The main ingredients in the confectionery known in Hindu-Urdu as mithai tend to be sugar, milk and condensed milk, making the finished products sweet, creamy and rich. They often include nuts, fruit and spices and are fried. South Asian sweets vary from region to region and are generally sold from both traditional shops and street-vendors, making them readily available and cheap enough for tourists to avoid having to make a large money transfer to India prior to purchase. Here are some popular examples.