Grow Your Own Food

Whether you’ve got a full on green thumb or are a total novice, everyone can save a little extra money by getting into gardening. By growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs you could cut a huge chunk off of your supermarket shop and save a load of money, while also nurturing a great new hobby. Just get some of the basics down and do a bit of planning, and you could be your own farmer in no time.

potted plants

Dinner Ideas for Indian Cuisine in Australia

It might be hard to imagine, but there are many establishments in Australia’s metro areas that specialize in Indian cuisine. The once obscure Indian fare is becoming quite popular and the number of Indian restaurants that are sprouting up in every town are testament to that. If you’re looking for something a bit different for your next family dinner or special holiday gathering, why not give Indian takeaway a try? There are lots of places that will deliver the dishes of your choice right to your door and you can browse their full menus online at Eat Now. You can also place your orders via Eat Now website and even get some cool discounts from certain merchants. We’ve highlighted some great Indian restaurants and some of their special dishes.

Indian Cuisine

The New Restaurant: Future Trends for Food Service Supplies

Food service supplies always evolve to meet restaurant needs – but the 2010s are entering an especially exciting season of change and innovation when it comes to restaurants and their menu choices. New avant garde and inventive menu options directly effect the food service supply industry and the ways in which it markets its products, from packaged goods to the equipment that restaurants use in preparation. This list explores some of the most innovative trends in food services and how they are beginning to change the way foods are chosen, shipped, and prepped: