Major Food and Beverage Trends in 2013

Every year sees new shifts in the culinary landscape that effect how the restaurant industry does business. For example, 2012 saw the rise of many new trends, such as bread alternatives like arepas and Bao, “odd” animal parts such as gizzards, tripe, tongue and pigs’ ears, increased popularity of Korean food and even the move of many food-truck proprietors to brick-and-mortar locations.


5 Steak Toppers For The Perfect Steak

A steak that is cooked just as you like it is perfect on its own. However, you can add a few toppings to that steak to make the most out of this culinary experience.

steak toppers


Easy to Prepare Chinese Recipes

Chinese recipes are very popular, but eating at a Chinese restaurant makes it seem that Chinese recipes are very complicated to prepare. But contrary to popular belief, Chinese recipes are one of the easiest recipes to prepare. Many Chinese meals are very easy to prepare and some are very quick to cook. Stir-fires, for instance, only take a couple of minutes to prepare. Stews may take a little bit longer to cook, but they are relatively easy to prepare giving you more time while cooking.

Veggie Fried Rice