Dealing with Picky Eaters

The idea of the picky eater is one that does back decades. Parents requiring their children to sit at a table long after dinnertime – presumably until he or she “cleans their plate” – is by far nothing new. Other parents stuck to the “if you get hungry later, this is what you’re having” approach, causing varying levels of strong willed children to either eat a dish they disliked, or go to bed without dinner.

Learning to Cook Curry at Cooking Schools in London

It’s an oft-quoted fact that chicken tikka masala is Britain’s most popular dish. This truth does much to demonstrate our fascination with South Asian food, as does the reality that Indian restaurants have long been a common sight in even the smallest of towns. These foods should not, however, be viewed exclusively as ubiquitous unhealthy takeaway fare, reserved for lazy and gluttonous weekend nights after a trip to the pub. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good carry-out madras as much as the next man – but authentic curries can be healthy as well as delicious, and a well-crafted dish is a pleasure both to prepare and eat.


Top Five Minute Meals

Cooking is something that can be highly rewarding and that’s a lot more healthy and a lot cheaper than buying things ready-made. Those are all the plus sides anyway, and that’s what you always read, which could lead you to wonder why, if this is true, so few people actually do cook on a regular basis?

Well there is one obvious reason and that’s that cooking takes too long – and when most of us come home after a long day at work feeling tired and stressed, often we simply don’t have time or the requisite energy to start cooking which can sometimes take hours.