Diet Tips For Keeping Those Nails Healthy And Glowing

Everybody is busy looking up the internet for the ideal diet to stay fit, stay healthy and stay in shape. There are all sorts of diets which focus on the various types of body requirements, right from reducing weight to reducing stress. But the poor little toenails and fingernails get neglected in the bargain. A manicure and pedicure is not enough. Your nails need to be strong and healthy. Healthy nails say that your body is healthy. Most deficiencies experienced by the human body are often reflected in the nails in the form of white spots or wash board edges.

healthy nails

Amazing 10 Minute Food Challenge

How long does it take for you to finish a meal? Furthermore how much food are you eating? It’s no secret that competitive eating will blow the socks off 99% of us in our standard. Their competitive eating challenges just about every type imaginable. A couple of really interesting being challenges were done in just 10 minutes. If you can imagine that someone eight 21 1/2 8 ounces 8 ounce euros in just 10 minutes. That’s right that sliced vertical meet paroled with lettuce tomato onions spices and a delicious pita was eaten 20 one half times just 10 minutes. Another delicious food challenge came from a guy named Patrick who 847 slices of the 16 inch pizza just 10 minutes.

Oh I remember that guy all those Gyros? Well guess what he also ate almost 8 huevos rancheros in 10 minutes. If you don’t know what huevos rancheros is then you’re in for a treat. Huevos rancheros is a dish served fried egg, corn tortillas topped with the tomato chili sauce and accompanied by refried beans, Mexican rice and topped with guacamole. So time yourself next time you’re eating your meal. How much can you eat in just 10 minutes?

Vegetarian Meat Yummy Recipes

Nowadays, it seems like people everywhere are continually switching to vegetarian diets. When people think of a vegetarian diet, however, they often think of bland and tasteless food. So to banish these myths, we’ve modified traditional Indian recipes to create vegetarian dishes that are not only flavorful, but have some kick to them as well. Here are some easy recipes for beginning vegetarians who are looking to try out some new dishes. With these dishes, you’ll never miss meat again!

Vegetarian Meat